Avoiding Back to School Backaches

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The new school year is here. The time of year when kids everywhere are actually excited about new teachers and a blank report card. Not too mention getting new stuff like pens, pencils, books, binders, tablets, laptops, smart phones (wow…have times changed). It seems like students are carrying around their whole life these days. So what holds all of their school stuff? More often than not, backpacks are the accessory of choice, which of course impacts spine health. So when it comes to backpacks, here are 4 tips to help avoid back to school backaches for good.

Invest in the best. As far as I’m concerned, Herschel Supply Co. (@Herschelsupply) offers the hippest and healthiest backpacks in the world today. Check out there amazing selection at herschel.ca

Be size wise. Always ensure the backpack is properly sized, no wider than your kid’s chest. Backpacks should weigh no more than ten per cent of a kid’s weight when full of stuff. Remind your kids to store some of the heavier items in their school locker to keep the weight in check.

Strap it right. Remember that both shoulder straps should always be worn. And don’t forget to secure the sternum, waist and compression straps.

Pause for posture. Be sure to talk to your kid about the relationship between backpacks and posture. Anyone who is taught about the importance of ergonomics early in life will be happier and healthier that much longer (trust me).

Here’s to an awesome school year ahead.

We all heal together.