Soccer Means The World To Us

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That’s a rap. Congratulations to Alexander Ovechkin (aka OV) and his Washington Capitals for winning Lord Stanley’s heralded mug. It’s official you are the best team in professional hockey. Despite being a diehard Leafs fan it was sure awesome to see you get that proverbial monkey off your back. It was great to see it because man, that would have been one heck of an adjustment for any chiropractor.   Speaking of adjustments, several members of the Healtopia community are still adjusting (because they’re so excited) to the amazing news of Canada being awarded the 2026 World Cup of Soccer along with the US and Mexico. Moreover, with the World Cup underway in Russia, it’s an extra-special time for footy fans, young and old. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and one that continues to grow by leaps and bounds in Canada. It’s a very easy game to play, and the physical activity brings communities together at local pitches. Unfortunately, each year many players’ seasons are cut short through injuries to soft tissues, hips, knees, ankles or the lower back area. So what is the best way to prevent soccer related injuries? In addition to warming-up properly and stretching activities, it’s important to:  
  • Maintain the right balance of time when it comes to practicing, playing games and resting.
  • Inspect the pitch to ensure the field of play is well groomed and hazard-free.
  • Wear shin guards to avert soft tissue injuries and other potential leg injuries.
  • Use a month guard to prevent injuries to the mouth or teeth.
  • Putting arch supports in soccer cleats to prevent foot pains or heel issues.
And don’t ever forget chronic pain around the hip or knee joint areas or lower back can be indicative of more serious problems. It pain ensues book an appointment with a physiotherapist and chiropractor. Let’s keep the beautiful game beautiful. We all heal together.