Put a Spring in Your Step This Long Weekend

healtopia |
The days are longer, temperatures are getting higher and the sun feels brighter. Spring is the perfect time to get outside for a walk. It improves one’s overall health, not to mention it can provide an assortment of other advantages. So in the spirit of Spring, let’s take a walk through some of the health benefits of this particular time of year.

For starters, no gym or workout machine is ever required. Walking is an activity everyone can partake in, at a time and pace that works for most. Moreover, going out for a nice brisk stroll in athletic shoes can help improve posture. With the life of most working professionals and their need to spend countless hours hunched over desks or looking down at their device, walking helps strengthen the spine while helping keep a natural upright position.

Did you know the movement of walking helps to rehydrate the discs in our spine? Every day, our movements put pressure on our spinal discs, which causes the release of water in them. Walking helps to allow for a higher flow of circulation in the spine, resulting in improved water retention in the discs while lowering blood pressure.

Walking helps to increase your overall mobility and flexibility. It’s also a low impact exercise that helps relieve tension, which can form in the lower back area from today’s busy work week. Mix in healthy dieting, and walking can assist with weight loss as well. Not only is walking a great way to put a little spring in your mental health and physical wellbeing, it is also a simple way to keep your spine in prime time shape. So, the next time someone asks you to take a walk, don’t balk, because when it comes to 21st century healthcare, we all heal together.