The Community Difference

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Community has always been my thing. Heck, I created lemonade stands when I was a kid to quench the thirsts of neighbours for charity. Fast-forward to today, I volunteer and support youth sports and local non-profits every which way I can.

As far as I’m concerned we all need to do our part. It’s about embracing a community mindset in everything we do…because it makes a difference. Especially when it comes to helping patients of all walks of life. Trust me.

We live a “community mindset” at Healtopia. The word clinic is not in our psyche (or name) because it puts a proverbial “box” around our drive to help alleviate pain and suffering. Not to mention the healing vibes we send (and blend) into the world everyday. At the end of the day, communities make the difference in a multitude of ways. For instance:

Communities connect people better emotively.
• Members (patients, healthcare professionals and employees) of communities support one another, and that in turn inspires confidence (which makes treatments more effective). It gives folks the confidence to challenge and change things for the better.

Communities improve collaboration innately.
• Communities are a good exchange point for better collaboration and teamwork between locations. They foster new relationships as members of communities feel more comfortable to share on new treatment techniques.

Communities are a great place for sharing best practices.
• As they grow, communities make it easier for members to share knowledge and build understanding of patient challenges. They cut down on duplication and make everything more efficient.

Communities break down silos.
• People feel more comfortable in working together to help people feel better regardless of their location. Breaking down barriers between healthcare professional communications.

I could go on but at the end of the day, communities help make healing experiences seamless – from health professionals to patients and vice versa.

Let’s all heal together and make the world a little better.