Healthcare Has a New Name

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The term “patient engagement” has the healthcare world buzzing today in so many different directions. But as it happens so often in the world of healthcare, the notion of patient engagement often becomes automated or transactional. EHRs, PHRs, manageability of data, patient outreach, accountability, etc. At the end of the day, these are simply the tools and ideas that most health professionals see as the heart of their patient engagement. Yes, of course they’re important, but let’s get real, it’s a means to an end.

Patient engagement is more about the innate power of the emotional connection. It’s about health professionals combining their skillset with a patient-first mindset, in order to facilitate experiences that alleviate pain and suffering together as a “community of helpers”. This community destination, or society if you will, of committed health professionals help us see beyond the constraints associated with health coverage, insurance benefits, administration, etc. Ultimately, we’re aiming to change that by doing what’s humanly right – anytime, anywhere. Imagine that.

When health professionals genuinely connect with their patient community on a personal level, they become that much more aware of their own health, not too mention more committed to following a recommended treatment. In other words, they’re engaged and everything points to better outcomes for the patient and health professional’s well-being. Because I truly believe for 21st Century Healthcare to succeed we all must heal together.

– Dr. Duilio Bertolo

Healtopia Founder